Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soul Connection Bracelet

I worked on another Soul Connection bracelet today. They're made entirely of Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, and silver plated beads. I was asked to create this rather  unusual piece of jewelry, one I have never seen before. It is very symbolic, and I think you’ll like the results!

Sparkling Swarovski crystal cubes begin and end the bracelet, representing the connection of persons. I used chakra colored crystals running in two separate strands, signifying the two person’s lives running parallel to each other.

The strands meet at the dazzling, Swarovski mirrored button centerpiece, symbolizing the interaction between the partners. Silver plated beads at the beginning and end of the strands represent the mirroring of issues.

The finishing touch is the beautiful silver plated chain and Chinese character for "Love," something the world needs a lot more of...

This bracelet is offered on both of my jewelry websites, on Etsy at:  or on Artfire at:

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees have really gotten out of control! I find it hard to believe that a small knitted item, shipped in a box would cost around $8.00! Shipping in a USPS Priority envelope costs $4.90, plus 80 cents for delivery confirmation.

So, the items which are so lovingly knitted have to be jammed into a too small envelope to ship at a decent rate. Or, you have to eat some of the shipping fee. Or, and I think a lot of people do this too, is you have to charge a few bucks more on your item, and add a buck or so to the shipping fee to keep all the costs modest.

I don't know, maybe I'm just behind the times here, but I think shipping fees really stink. They're way too high! I just paid $13.00 last night to ship a supply order that isn't that heavy. But I guess it's all because of gasoline prices being high.

Funny thing about it is, the price of gas can go down, but the shipping fees stay the same! Still, I would rather deal with shipping fees than do a craft fair somewhere. I did one once, and am not ready to do one again. That would be a different topic for another day...