Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daffodil Flower Pendant Necklace in Fine Silver

I've been wanting to be more creative with my artistic talents lately. I wish to be more involved in the jewelry making process, much like how a painting is created from a blank white canvas to a final masterpiece. And I've found that medium in the fine silver clay process!

This is my latest creation; an artisan pendant made of fine silver. It measures approx. 1 by 1 inch with a 1/8 inch bale. It is strung on a 18 inch sterling silver chain. Artist proof initials are etched on the back.

My artistic process begins with a design that I sculpt by hand. Once dried, it is perfected with tiny sanding files and jewelry tools. The next step is a proprietary molding process, then silver clay is pressed into the mold. Once unmolded, the piece undergoes another extensive filing, sanding, and perfecting stage. I then carefully fire the piece with a hand torch. The final stages consist of brushing, burnishing, and polishing the metal.

The final product is 99.9% pure, fine silver. After its firing transformation, it is strong and durable. Fine silver resists tarnish better than sterling silver, as sterling silver contains other elements that cause tarnish. Fine silver is also eco friendly as the silver is reclaimed from the photographic industry. It is truely a case of taking what is garbage and making a beautiful work of art with it!

Looking similar in design, no two mold-made fine silver pieces will look alike. This is because the clay is organic, and the process of molding and sanding to perfection will leave each piece with its own unique look.

This necklace may be purchased from either of my jewelry shops listed below.