Friday, November 19, 2010

YouTube Video

I have a new product video on YouTube. It was a lot of fun to make, and a good marketing idea. Take a look!

Tell Your Story

There's always a story behind each creation that an artist/craftsperson makes. Sometimes it's not so interesting. Maybe you made something because you were trying to destash a bit. But there's even a story in that. Why you chose that particular yarn, or color, or pattern, etc. Or how you came to buy it in the first place. Things like that.

As a seller, it's a good idea to tell the story of how or why you made something. It makes your item more interesting to a prospective buyer.

This is the story behind this beautiful and rich looking bracelet. In the beginning, it was intended to be something else.

My son had a girlfriend that he liked very much. She was thin and very pretty, typical of young teen girls. Her birthday was coming up in a few months. Since I liked the girl, I asked my son to find out what her favorite color was. The answer came up as "light green."

Soon after that, I was shopping at Michaels, one of my most favorite stores in the world! As I meandered down the bead isles, I noticed that they were all color coordinated. I found myself stopping at the light green section. And then I found them, the strand of lucious, faceted green beads. I held them and studied them, trying to envision what I could make for this friend of my son's. Needless to say, I bought the beads and brought them home. They stayed in their bag for quite a while, but I knew they were there.

They say that all good things must come to an end, and so did the relationship between my son and his friend. It was not a pleasant breakup. But it was over, for good.

Some time after this, I found the bag again. The green beads looked just as lucious as they first did with the store lighting shining on them. I had just purchased the big, gold beads and instantly knew that the two would go nicely together. And I think they do!

Poor girl, she not only missed out on a great birthday present, she missed out on a great guy too!