Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bounty - Fine Art Print by SpiritGirl Gallery

Bounty is the name of my latest fine art reproduction. Bounty is an original graphite drawing depicting a bountiful harvest of multi-colored corn spilling over it's basket. This piece of art represents the multitude of people that God has created and loves. He creates them in all colors and races, with different abilities and talents.

Each person is so uniquely different that there is no one person exactly the same as you! You are unique in all the world, in all of time, past and present! Blows the mind, doesn't it?

Bounty is offered on Etsy and Artfire. You can click the links to take you right to my respective studios.

This artwork image measures approx. 18 x 24 inches. It does not include a mat and ships rolled in a tube.

*Please allow one week for professional printing of this print.

©Kathleen Haukkala, SpiritGirl Jewelry and Gallery

Earth Tones, New Artfire Collection

Earth Tones is the title of the new collection, curated by Aussen Wolf Designs. "Here are some warm and inviting gift ideas from some very talented ArtFire artisans," Judy states. This selection of artisan items truly showcases the beauty of earthtones as beautiful colors.

Featured artisans, L to R, First row: SpiritGirl Jewelry and Art, Founditatlast, Islands of Time, Daytonmarie. Second row: Rustic Carvings, Bobs Rock Werk Sand Gem Cutting, Shiny Cat Creations, Keri Mae. Third row: Aussen Wolf Designs, Dolly Rocker Candles, Signs of Elegance, and Desert Wind Designs.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Artfire Collection "Unique and Fun!"

Thanks go out to Desert Wind Designs of for this great collection! She calls it Unique and Fun, which is a great name for the selected items! "Some unique and fun items from members of the Artfire guild, "Shops With Less Sales," she states. Featured artisans are, from L to R, first row: Too Fancy, SpiritGirl Jewelry, Shiny Cat Creations, Judy Cogo Designs. Second row: Keri Mae, Aussen Wolf Designs, VA Beach Quilter, SpiritGirl Jewelry. Third row: VA Beach Quilter, Judy Cogo Designs, Keri Mae, and Aussen Wolf Designs.

Unique Jewelry Collection by Shiny Cat Creations

Here is another great collection! This one is curated by Shiny Cat Creations and is entitled "Unique Jewelry." Check out the wonderful selection of one of a kind, artisan jewelry! Featured artisans, from L to R: SpiritGirl Jewelry, Desert Wind Design, Aussen Wolf Designs, Judy Cogo Designs, Too Fancy, robandlean, MaisonMiliJoolz, Yan4u, Spoonier, Dream Stones by Sara Zoe, Flame Fly Creations, and Wild Cat Leather Co.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springing Into Summer Collection

This Artfire collection is curated by Judy Cogo Designs on She entitled it "Springing into Summer," which showcases very special and beautiful artisan items, highlighting summer colors and creatures. Nice job, Judy!

Featured artisans, from L to R: Shiny Cat Creations, SpiritGirl Jewelry and Art, Aussen Wolf Designs, VABeach Quilter, VABeach Quilter, Judy Cogo Designs, Too Fancy, Aussen Wolf Designs, Crafts by Keri, Judy Cogo Design, Desert Wind Designs, and Crafts by Keri.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Etsy Treasury Features SpiritGirl Jewelry!

Another thank you goes out to Warm Weenies of the Warm Weenies Etsy Shop (she makes dachshund sweaters!) This Treasury is entitled "Pink to Keep it Warm," and features many lovely, select items from talented Etsy artisans. They are, from L to R: Willew Creations, glbcreations, Jeanette Jed, my own SpiritGirl Jewelry, Nikki Skeleton, Soperk, Sew Creepy Confections, Sarah Merrill, Barbaras Quilts, Reloved Designs, Yibb, Dandelion Lady, the Belle Fleur, Saddy Sashadoxie, Pony Paintings, and Lyn Liao3.

This treasury features my own Round Mini Flower Necklace. This feminine necklace has real, miniature dried flowers, forever encased in an acrylic round. Necklace is strung on an 18" chain of sparkling miniature red beads and faceted Czech fire polish round beads. Pretty and feminine!

SpiritGirl Jewelry Featured in New Artfire Collection

Thank you to Gabbys Quilts on Artfire for this spring colored Artfire Collection entitled "The Color Green." These selected items show that lush greenery is right around the corner! Featured Artfire artisans, from L to R: VA Beach Quilter, Aussen Wolf Designs, Cher Chic, Too Fancy, Keri Mae, Desert Wind Designs, NacyAnne Quilt Works, my own SpiritGirl Jewelry and Art, Shiny Cat Creations, Judy Cogo Designs, Desert Wind Designs, and Keri Mae.

This collection includes my own Cross Necklace in Paua Shell, Aqua, and Black Onyx. This contemporary necklace features a cross made of paua shell, black onyx, marcasite, and sterling silver. Rectangular black onyx beads echo the contemporary feel of this necklace. Aqua, Czech fire polish beads and Swarovski crystals add a sparkling dazzle.

Blue with a Touch of White!

A big thanks goes out to KeriMae of Crafts by Keri for this gorgeous Artfire Collection entitled "Blue with a Touch of White!" It features the following Artfire artisans, from L to R: Judy Cogo Designs, Gabbys Quilts, Too Fancy, my own SpiritGirl Jewelry and Art, VA Beach Quilter, Shiny Cat Creations, Desert Wind Designs, Keri Mae, Aussen Wolf Designs, Cher Chic, Shiny Cat Creations, and NacyAnne Quilt Works.

This lovely blue collection includes my own fine art reproduction entitled "Five." It's a reproduction of a spiritual painting in the Christian tradition. As you observe the painting, you'll start noticing people in the background. The painting represents Jesus' gift of salvation on the cross for the body of Christ (us.) Christ is depicted with us in this Christian fine art reproduction.

Monday, March 14, 2011

SpiritGirl Jewelry's Lowered Global Shipping Rates!

SpiritGirl Jewelry is pleased to announce new lowered, global shipping rates! Purchased jewelry now ships in pretty, fun organza bags. This new, lowered shipping rate means that your total jewelry purchases cost less. And I'm excited to say that these cost savings are extended to all of my viewers globally! Worldwide SpiritGirl Jewelry lovers can now buy at great savings!

Beautiful gift boxes are still available upon request, for an additional fee as they must ship inside of a small box.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

White is Color - New Etsy Treasury

My thanks go out again to Warm Weanies for including me in this lovely Etsy Treasury entitled "White is Color." This collection of items showcases a wide range of items with the color white as a common denominator. Artisans include: Posh Pixels, Elegant Rose Boutique, Baarrel of Monkeys, esalon, glbcreations, Phoenix and Dragonfly, Pink Parchment Soaps, Viva Le Chat, Photomcgee, Pomp and Plumage, Celtic Catphotos, Mel Joy Creations, SpiritGirl Jewelry, Sew Creepy Confections, Reloved Designs, and Sera Tonin Retro Viral.

Treasury may be viewed at


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bridal Accessories for Spring Brides

Thank you Desert Wind Designs for including me in your beautiful new Artfire Collection entitled "Accessories for Spring Brides." Lovely artisan jewelry and handmade bridal items. Thank you for including my Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace! Found on at the link below.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

SpiritGirl Jewelry Makes Front Page!

My latest Artfire Collection, "Bring on the Spring, please," made it to the front page of yesterday! Curated by KeriMae, this collection is rich in beautiful spring colors, flowers, and winged creatures (butterflies and dragonflies.) It features my fine silver enameled dragonfly necklace, among other wonderful items. I've honored to be included! Found at the link below on Artfire.

SpiritGirl Jewelry in New Artfire Collection

This Artfire Collection, entitled "Good Morning America," is curated by Beautiful Forest. Again, I'm honored to be featured in this collection. A wonderful mixture of diverse colors, textures, and materials are showcased. My Swarovski rainbow crystal earrings were selected for this collection. Found on the link below on Artfire.

Etsy Treasury "There's Color in Michigan."

Again, I'm honored to by selected as a featured artisan in a new Etsy Treasury entitled "There's Color in Michigan" by Warm Weenies (she makes dachshund sweaters!) This treasury has beartiful items in gorgeous colors - a real feast for the eyes! It includes my Swarovski rainbow crystal earrings, which endlessly sparkle with all the rainbow colors. On Enjoy!


SpiritGirl Jewelry in Etsy Treasury "Don't Feel So Bad."

I'm pleased to be selected as a featured artisan in a new Etsy Treasury entitled "Don't Feel So Bad" by glb creations. This wonderful selection of handcrafted items includes my Fine Silver Calla Lilly necklace, among other enticing items at