Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Slow Economy

Christmas is coming fast for us in the handmade market. It's a good thing that my teenager only wants money this year, plus one high ticket item (which may be arranged.) I think everyone else knows what they're getting -- jewelry! But, of course!

This will be my first Christmas as a seller on Etsy. It's slow right now, but I'm excited to have things pick up! That's the plan anyway. I'm ready for it, with extras of just about everything. And then some! All I'm lacking is SALES. Other more established sellers tell me that they are down too, so it seems like I picked a slow time to jump into this. Which is not bad, as I can slowly get my feet wet as I tackle the learning curve.

But it sure wasn't slow last Friday at Michaels! That store had a line backed up almost to the side wall. They had an ingenious method of funneling us across the width of the store with shelving units. The next available register called the next customer. This way, no one could dash at the registers, nor did each register have it's own line of 20 people. I did get suckered into buying a couple of sudoko and word search game books while waiting by the shelves, but at a buck a piece, I figured "why not?" I walked out with about $40 in metal clay tools, etc. Mom came out with about $100 worth of yarn. So much for destashing! Good thing we found some coupons.

All one can do in this slow economy is continue to make our craft, and keep up with our marketing. And be ready for the rush of sales that we're all hoping for. That way we won't have the time to notice our lack of sales, right? It's a plan...

What Works for Online Handmade Arts/Crafts Sales?

Hello, and welcome to the blog of SpiritGirl Jewelry and Art. In this space, I wish to share with you what is happening in my jewelry and painting studios. My jewelry space is on, and my paintings are featured on I am also at

In this space, I hope to share with you what works and doesn't work in the world of online handmade arts/crafts sales. People say that it's slow at first, but if you hang in there, things pick up. You begin to define what you make, how to market it, and to whom. Who are your buyers? How do you reach them? Stick with me and I'll share what works, or doesn't work, for me.